Through the Accompanying the Automotive Industry on labor reform project, we aim to support employers in the automotive supply chain in Mexico, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises. By helping them proactively adopt labor practices that meet Mexico’s new labor reforms and USMCA requirements.

Through evidence-based awareness raising and capacity building of employers, we seek to improve working conditions in the Mexican automotive supply chain.

The project focuses specifically on improving labor relations through actions such as:

The diagnosis that we develop will serve as a starting point to pinpoint the existing gaps between the norm and labor practices with respect to the labor reform and compliance with Section 23 of the USMCA.
Based on the results, a general action plan will be developed and, as for the priority countries for this project, this plan will be adapted to the specific situations of employers, by offering individual solutions..

From the correct completion of your collective bargaining legitimization procedures to the implementation of the new inclusion and equity measures, we can assist you free of charge.

We organize seminars open to interested companies to help them know what to do in the event of a labor rights violation.

We provide useful tools to help companies get up to speed on the new labor regulations.

If you would like to receive more information about these actions and other activities we offer free of charge to companies in the automotive industry, please leave your contact information.
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